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On March 2nd 2020, CMS will implement the review choice demonstration in Texas. The program will essentially require that agencies attain affirmations of coverage from CMS contractors. Failure to attain this affirmation may result in Medicare denying coverage for the ordered services. The good news is that the new rules do not create any new documentation requirements. They do however, create a need for timelier coordination between physicians and home health providers. Under these new conditions, it is of the utmost importance that referrals be as complete as possible when sent to a home health provider. To provide streamlined service and comply with the new requirements agencies will need the following records signed and dated within the first few days of a referral:

       1. The complete face-to-face encounter note

       2. Documentation that meets the home-bound criteria

       3. Plan of care signed and dated

       4. Therapy evaluation signed and dated

       5. Agency generated records that support the face to face encounter (as needed)


Plan of Care – Home Health


Billing For Care Plan Oversight